Fall 2013 Review…

It`s official.  We are done with the Fall Salmon season.  It started off with a “Bang”!  And quit, just as fast as it started.  Early rains flooded the river with fish!  All up and down the coast.  Some of the best we have seen in a while.  But, with the early rain, most of the fish came in, so the late run stopped in an instant.  So, we called it off two weeks earlier than normal.  Even still, the up and coming Steelhead season, looks to be really good all over.  Banner Coho years are the indicator.  Hoping fishermen spread around the state, and the weather cooperates for us.  Right now, we are in a deep freeze.
  As it stands, we are going “Old School”…The traditional Thanksgiving Day start to winter Steelhead season.
  We rarely give the numbers of the fish we catch, but we have had some questions from others.  So, here you go!  Believe it or not, but numbers do not lie, and we take very accurate stats…Fall Kings for 2011.  We landed 381 total.  Fall Kings for the fall of 2012.  We landed 383.  For this year, the fall of 2013, We hooked 472 Chinooks, and landed 447 total…
 Have a wonderful Holiday, be safe, and eat and drink, until you can`t feel feelings.

Fall Season Complete…

Our Fall Salmon season looks to be done.  A couple of weeks early this year.  With the early fall rains, a bulk of the late fish came in early.  The normal mid November return has already come and gone it seems.  There are also some early Steelhead showing.  So, it was an early fall, and soon to be an early winter it seems.
  Although cut short, it was an amazing year for us.  Catch rates we above normal.  Was getting close to a 500 fish year.  Almost, but not quite.  Have not done the final tally for the fall kings, but we hooked about 480, and landed around 440.  Something like that.  Not bad in our opinion.
  We saw the usual faces, which is always nice.  And some new people as well.  All in all, a good year for us.  A return and recovery from the last few years, since the economy issues.  Hope the trend continues.  We`ll still catch a few more Chinooks, but are mainly getting focused on Steelhead now.  All of the signs are there for a good season for them as well.  We shall see.  Be kind of interesting to see how many Chinooks we get later on the light gear.  Always entertaining!
  For now, we are going to wrap things up for the fall, and head into winter.  Give everyone one more shot with the final results of the year.  There are some photo albums on our Facebook pages, so you can check that out.
  Back out into the rain and cold, to work on the gear switch.  Heck, the weather is kind of crappy, maybe we`ll go get a little crabby!