The New Year!

Another year has come and gone.  Christmas was good, but is now over.  All of the decor has been boxed and put away.  Time now to focus on a “New Year”.  We have space available for the up and coming season.  In fact, our schedule is light as of right now.  The typical thing.  Everyone on a path of family and obligations.  You would think by now, that we would be used to it.

  Looking like another low water year for us.  But, the forecast for fish looks really good.  Many of the regular guys have been contacted, so it is time to go catch some fish.  At the very least, it gives you a chance to relax from the holidays.
  So, as it stands, “Happy New Year”, and get in the boat!

Steelhead Season…

Steelhead season is here.  As we enter the new year, it is time to go.  There are some fish around to be had.  Let us know when you want to go.  Contact us anytime…All of our information is on this site.  Call, write, email, social media, or a visit. 

Days Off…

What do you do on your days off, some may ask.  Well, just sit around and eat ice cream, of course!  How about, rebuilding a reel or two for the holidays…Anyone?  Victims of the fall.

Winter Solstice…

Here we are.  Nearing the shortest day of the year, and the holidays.  As we head toward 2014, a new year, we want to say Thankyou to all of our customers, family and friends.  We are looking forward to 2014.  This past year was eventful for sure.  As we enter the new season, and winter Steelhead, we are hoping to see many, if not all of you soon, for a day or two of fishing.
  We are going to be taking a week off from the fishing time.  We will be here at the place.  Cooking, drinking, and hanging out at the fire pit.  If anyone wants to swing by, and have a visit, that would be wonderful.
  For now, enjoy the end of this year, and make the entire year full of happiness, and kindness.  The way it should be…Back to the river soon.  For now, Happy Holidays, and Winter Solstice!

Steelhead Season!

OK…Here we go!  Our neat little cold snap is currently leaving us.  Finally!  It was a tough one out here for us.  Those of you that checked up on us, Thankyou…The only thing we need is a couple bottles of something tasty.  Tell us when you are coming, and we`ll have the bonfire going.     Over the last several days, we sent out an email blast to past customers, and friends.  Some of you we have recently seen, some of you, we have not seen for a while.  And, for anyone new, that might like to come fish with us, we have space.  All of you who visit the site, please get in touch.  It is time now, to get back to a little normal, spend some time on the river, and relax some.  We`ll take the rain and 40`s, over single digits any day.  This season should be good.  Shoot us an email, hit us up on social media, or give us a phone call.  We`ll get everything set up, and get out of our cabin fever funk…

Cold Snap 2013…

Looks like we are on the down hill slide of this super freeze.  One more day of it, and a night.  Been brutal on us.  The typical cranky, irritated, pissed off moods.  Along with the endless work around the place, and being married to the wood stove.  The super cold nights seized the gauges and the pressure valve on the pump house.  On the third night, the gauge broke.  So, another neat bill and fix that is needed.  Kept it as warm as we could, and tried not to kill one another.  And, keep the kitty from going crazy.  He ventured a little today, but still does not like the snow much.  He is a tender foot!
So, as we get out of all of this, we are going to head to the river.  There are some fish here, and should be a bunch as the river rises and warms.  Still super worn out and tired from this stuff, but we are ready to break out of “cabin fever”…Enjoy the rest of the week, and we will give you the latest as things calm.

Winter Gifts!

Winter is here!  Cold and crisp for sure.  Currently, the river is “Blowed” out.  Yes, it is spelled wrong.  Just saying hello to a good friend.  He`ll get it.  We just came off of some serious rain, and now headed into a cold snap.  There are some fresh Steelhead around, and likely a lot more than what we saw last week.
  We are all ready to go for the winter and spring season.  Looking forward to it.  As the holidays approach, we are typically into a holding pattern, and waiting on the weather.  As we head further into the season, fishing this year should be really good.  The normal guys that are not on the calendar yet, get in touch.  You know who you are.  As for new people, give us a shout anytime, and we`ll find a good spot for you.  For now, when the rivers come into shape, we`ll let you know whats shakin` around here…