“Big Thick”!

Finally got to see one of our good friends this week.  It was nice.  A hard day work wise for us, but good people in the boat.  And, believe it or not, we caught a couple of fish.  Hope you guys had a good day.  Not bad, for a bunch of injured and crippled dudes!

Fall Chinooks 2014

We have been checking on several situations for the summer and fall fishing seasons.  As of the latest, there is some word about this coming fall.  Seems there is a phenomenon coming this year.  Word is, and we might add, all of the reports are similar, that, we are going to have a huge run of Fall Chinooks.  Not just the big river, but the entire North Coast.  This is “Great” news!  Last year, despite odd weather, was really good.  Would love to see anything, even remotely close to 2007…So…We are going to fish the rest of this Winter season, to the end of March.  Some up and coming events are going to keep us off the water until some time around mid June.  And, some serious prep work for the Fall.  We are about 2/3 full for the Fall right now, and want to be full by June.  If anyone else out there wants to go, get in touch, and we`ll make it happen.  There is your report!

Ridin` Dirty!

Seems like winter is finally here.  Freezing cold temperatures.  Followed by a pretty decent amount of snow load.  Then, the typical hit of heavy rain and winds.  Been going through the winds and rains over the last few days now.  All of the streams along the coast, and inland are completely blown out.  Many near flood stage.  As this is being written, we are in the beginning of another round of heavy winds and rain.  Supposed to blow around 50, with gusts to 100.  Fingers crossed, for minimal damage.  So, as it stands, another round, she is a comin`.  Blowing now.  This winter has been a long one for us, and others.  Hard times to be guides for sure.  Hopefully, the weather calms soon.  But, for now, we are out until we see some sunny days.


We are now melting from another snow event.  Had a pretty good amount.  And, of course, everyone in the city, went into a panic!  We are certain that the Portland Sportsmans Show, was a total bust.  A lot of posts trying to get people to attend.  All for not, I`m sure.
  As we thaw out, and recover from being stuck, we will be busy.  Cleaning up, fixing broken things, and preparing for several rounds of wind and heavy rain.  Should be interesting.  Going to be busy, either way.  Some personal things to attend to, and some chores for others.  Rivers will be on a sharp rise, beginning tomorrow, so “No Fish For You”!
Have a good, and safe week.