Fall Trips…

We have just a handful of days left for Fall Chinooks…If you want to finalize the schedule for the most spectacular season, please get in touch…Looks to be one of the best returns in recent memory, so don`t miss out.

  As for the rest.  Tested out the local creek today.  There are some fish here, but still a little early.  Water was a good color, but still a little high from the recent Thunder hits.
  Mostly just testing out body and strength.  It can be done, but unpleasant.  Still weak, and really tender.  We`ll give it a little bit longer.  Cannot really feel the screws holding everything together, but muscles are not even close to the same.  Get rid of the constant pain, and should be good.
Just nice to be on the river, and enjoy the sights and smells for sure.
  But, like we said.  Have some days left for the fall, and a few days available for the summer.  Looks like Alaska is out for us this year.  So, if anyone wants to slot fish in late June, or early July, let us know.
All for now.  Still cannot post new pictures, and am working on getting everything put together.

Getting In Touch…

For anyone who wants to get in touch with us, for any reason.  For the time being, we are going to revert back to a little “Old School”…

Many of you know, and others may not know, we do NOT have cell service here at the house.  Our cell service is limited to when we are on the water, or traveling.  So our options are spotty on that.
  Our computer system out here in the hills is on a current melt down, so is also questionable at best for the moment.  Hopefully it will all be fixed, bought, and taken care of by the beginning of fall.  We have always tried to atleast provide good pictures for all to enjoy.  At this time, we cannot…
  So, for now…If anyone wants to talk fishing, book trips, or just BS for a bit, please pick up the old fashioned telephone, and call us.  If we do not answer, please leave a message, and we will return your call as soon as we can…You can also swing by for a cold one if you want.  Always nice to see faces.
  We have a handful of days left for the summer, and a few left to fill for the fall as well.  Just let us know if you want to come.  We will do our best to check email and social media contact, but it is best to call us on the phone…503-392-5808.  It is also on the contact page here, and at the bottom of each page of this site.
  Have a great summer.  When things get put back together, we will let you know.

Summer Protocol…

So, here is the latest word, for the happenings.

  Shoulder is on the mend.  Still painful and sore, but hoping to round the corner this week.  Next week, we will find out about being able to row and fish.  Friday in fact.
  As for the rest…Frustration has set in on me.  Work for Sara has been strained, but secure.  We have begun a small garden to mess with.  The yard is getting mowed and weed eated, albiet slowly, due to being careful not to injure myself.
  We will be taking pictures for the summer, with fishing, and all of the other happenings as we go through the summer season.  But, drivers are out on our computer, so for the time being, we cannot post new pictures, unless from the phone.  And, since people feel the need to bash the shit out of us, whether we post positive, or negative, we really don`t want to do much during the season anyway!
  So, off into the summer sun we go!  Bright sunny and warm days ahead.  Good fishing and water time, and when we can afford a new computer, we “might” post some pictures here and there.  For now, enjoy the summer time, and we will periodically drop some info for all of the fans out there.
                                                             Cheers!  J&S