Blazin` Hot!

There have been a few updates to the site.  We have some new groups we have become affiliated with.  Another place for some really good glasses.  And super good people to work with.  We are very impressed.  Who knows, maybe someday we will design our own line.  We mentioned a new rod company, so we added the link to St Croix rods as well.  So, check them out.

Also, we have been big fans of good food, for most of our lives.  Last holiday season, we ended up getting ourselves a treat for Christmas.  It ended up being an amazing connection.  We found, what we believe, is the very best beef products you can buy.  And, the best dogs and sausages we have ever had.  Expensive, yes…Worth it?  Without question.  Dry aged, and blends of burger to die for.  Melt in you mouth, for real.  We ended up becoming well aquainted.  Please look at LaFrieda Meats.  Absolutely amazing meat, and again, fabulous people to work with, and ordering is super easy.

Now, over the years, we have become “friends”, with many.  So, no excuses for not finding what you want, when it comes to what we use around here.  Clothing, shades, food, skin care, and the list goes on…

If you would like to see what its like to have an amazing grilled burger, or steak on the river, we would be happy to show you.  The request has to be a couple of weeks before your trip, to ensure it is here, and ready for you.  This is by order only, and there will be an added fee to your fishing cost.  Again…More than worth it!  Besides, it gives us a chance to rest, and tell neat stories during lunch…

Going to be a very hot and uncomfortable week for us.  Nearly 100 each day.  No good!  Be safe, and try to enjoy atleast part of your week, despite the heat.

I Can Make It!

I Can Make It!

New Changes…

Well, it appears that there is no longer any secrets.  We find it interesting, how you say nothing, and all of the sudden, everyone knows.  Everyone talks behind your back, often, and yet, they follow you more!  People are so funny sometimes.

Anyway…I had major surgery at the end of March.  Two complete tendon tears, with 2 inch retraction in my shoulders.  I was released in ten weeks.  Pain is to subside in 6 months to a year.  That is one event.

We helped develop new rods for a company, and kind of got shut out of the mix.  If we become involved in the future, it is up to them.  So, during a search, and some conversations with some old friends, we were fortunate to get on the pro team for St Croix Rods.  Actually, pretty cool for us.  Something to experiment with, and learn.

Next, we were contacted again, to see if we wanted to become involved with Yo Zuri.  This is in the beginning stages.  They are going through some major changes, and asked us if we wanted to come back, and be part of the team.  Absolutely!  But, yet to be seen if we get treated well, and it becomes what it once was.  In the past, we met some amazing people, and got a couple of super good friends out of it.  Not to mention amazing line.  We shall see…

As we have mentioned before, our driver is out on our computer.  So, we cannot publish any “New” pictures at the moment.  With surgery, and a bunch of other issues, we have become even more poor.  We are going to get a new computer shortly.  Just trying to find the right one, for our needs.  Kind of important now, since we have a new camera, and Sara won a GoPro from an event at work.  Something else new, and to mess with.  That should be fun.

Now, in case you have`nt figured this out yet.  Things have been breaking, or we were forced into doing things different.  So, in the light of all of the events, and age.  We got rid of the power boat.  It served it`s purpose for the time being.  We re structured how the company is run, so why not go for it all the way.

We ordered a new one on June 6th.  D-Day!  It was supposed to be done by the middle of August, end of the month at the latest.  Well, as of this week, it is going to come home to us on the first week of September.  That, is going to be painful.  A whirlwind of work for a couple of days, and thrown right into the fire with the fall season.  Either way, it is expensive!  But exciting at the same time.  Our schedule is looking really good, with just a handful of days left to fill.  So, those that were given the option to come, and decided not to, you are going to miss out on some maiden voyages.  Oh, and a couple of TV shows too!

There you go!  By the time D-Day comes to the house, we should have a new computer, and will introduce her to the world.  For now, paying tribute to the old…Have a good weekend…




An interesting day.  Our Television connection has been restored.  New, and super clean and clear.  Amazing what you can get when you have huge problems, and get into an affair with the provider.  Nice to know, that you have to pull teeth to get things fixed, after 13 years as a customer.

As for the rest.  Stormy this morning.  Lots of close lightening, and big thunder.  Love those storms, but mostly a short rest from the big heat.  Heat has always been a problem for my family.  Never have taken it well, so it was nice.  A usual Sunday for sure, but added relief, and we ended the day mostly relaxing.  It would have been a good day to nap, but still having trouble sleeping.  A side effect, that is no good from surgery.

Going to be another hot week unfortunately.  With a lot going on.  Running to and fro, getting the last of the chores done as we can, and final prep for the fall.  Canning and bait coming up shortly.

Still messing around with programs, and hopefully soon, a new computer to get some new shots circulating.  For now, guess you`ll just have to deal with modified photos.  Kind of fun anyway.

Have a good week!  We will be busy…

Sky King!

Sky King!

Women Of The Fall…

As always…Love women in the boat.  Fishing, crabbing, floating, even just hanging out in the sand waiting.   Going to give a shout out to all of the girls that fish.  Messing to see what we can do on the program now.  But, this fall is going to be amazing!  With all of the new things, and the changes, we absolutely cannot wait!  But, we are going to have to.

Have a wonderful, and safe weekend!  It is HOT!!!

The Good Looking Girlfriend!

The Good Looking Girlfriend!

Rubber Chicken, The Mistress

Rubber Chicken, The Mistress

The Big Black!

fall 2010#4 019As far as it goes for now.  Images are a little smaller than before, but you get the idea.  Going to be a hot damn weekend, and up coming week.  Be safe, stay cool.  We`ll modify this thing as we go.

There You Go!

Here you are!  Yes, we are aware that our blog was not working.   We had phone calls and emails daily, telling us that it was not working.  Totally appreciate the heads up, but we were aware, and it was being fixed.

Here is the situation…Since this version of The FH website, the blog was being operated as “quickblogcast”…It has since been phased out, and was cancelled abruptly on us, with no warning.  We had to order new.  The best option was “WordPress”.  It is a lot more complicated, but at the same time, has a lot more cool things to use.  As you know, everything is always super easy, and gets done magically with the snap of fingers.  Right?  Yeah.

As this was ordered, we asked specifically to have it totally linked up to the site directly.  As it once was.  Sure, all set, and done.  Yep… Finally, after two weeks, countless hours, and several phone calls, both by myself, and by Sara, it is now done.

So…As this goes along.  The Blog is now live for us all.  I, personally, am going to do a bunch of trial and error stuff, and see what I can do.  Going to try to pimp things out a little.  I am a total novice with computer crap, so it should be interesting.   You might see something cool, or complete crash and burn stuff for a little bit.  So, follow along, and get a nice laugh.  I know you will!