Happy New Year!

Want to wish everyone a Happy New Year…Lets all hope that 2015 is a good one.  2014 was full of all kinds of strange things.  It taxed us out terribly.  A lot of drama, testing times, surgeries, and other daily life issues.  Sometimes it is a wonder how we survive…

The last couple of days, we survived the crazy cold weather.  As this is written, it is 24 degrees.  The phrase of the day yesterday was, balmy…It was somewhere around 30 or so when he said it, and the sun was hitting us square on.  It was nice, but far from tropical!  There are some fish around, but acting kind of wierd.  After the big flood stuff, and now East winds and cold temps.  Hopefully this pattern breaks soon.  It has a tendency to hurt, being dressed to the max and all hunched up…

For now, Thank You, to all of our customers, and friends.  Your support is all we can ask for, and more meaningful to us than words can express.  Please stay in touch, and we will do the same.  Have a good holiday!

Now, off to go get more firewood!blognewyear2014

Cabin Fever!

Since it is in the middle of a 40 day and 40 night event, it is forcing us to stay inside. We have some new things to mess with. A new small camera, that also shoots video, and also a GoPro. We have editing capabilities on our new computer, so we are messing with that. The one problem is uploads. Since we are on Satellite internet here, it is difficult to load. And, file sizes for this site have to be small. So, for now, we are going to post occasional video clips as a tease…For a person that is riding the little bus, when it comes to these things, it takes some time. Of course, right when we figure something out, they will change something!
Here is the first one, lets see how it goes…

Nope! No Fish Here!

After an intense morning for a friend of ours.  Fished all morning, without a fish, or a bite for that matter, we went for a follow up.  6 bites, 3 landed, and pictures and video to prove it.  Just a little jab to a long time friend.  Just hope he see`s this.

For now, BIG rain coming.  Going to hunker down, and watch the show.  Flooded rivers are going to be the normal scene for a bit.  No Fish For You….P1000042 (2)


There are some new fish around here.  Not a lot, but there are some to play with.  A good time of the year to cruise down the river, fish, then stop, and have some meaningful conversation.  That is exactly what we have been doing.  Minimal pressure, and relatively pleasant weather.  Hope we can get a few more before the big weekend rains.

Super Star fly guy, learned a few things we think.  Maybe someday, he can show us a trick or two about some crazy fly method.  For now, the crazy little twitchy guy has some thinking to do.  Sure that he is doing it right now!  Hope you had a good day Moody…

Moody Trout

Moody Trout

Slight Changes…

Hey Everyone!

As we head into the Winter season, and a new year, we are going to remain a little quiet.  The social media sites remain, however, we will not be posting any interactions at this time.  Social media was to be a good network for us.  We wanted to share our lives as fishermen, entertain, and to promote what we do.  It is supposed to be fun, and a good way to advertise.  At the moment, there just seems to be too many issues, and sensitivity floating around.  This year was especially tough on us, for various reasons.  it is just time to take a break from what people now, consider normal.  A little tired of the phone, internet, social scene.  With everyone having their face stuffed into a text, or whatever.  Not trying to be negative at all.  Sharing on social media was supposed to be fun!  Currently, just a little annoying.

We strive to be the best we can be, and will continue to do so.  We work extremely hard, and expect good friends, and our family, to continue to love and respect us, as well as our decisions.  We are still here, we are still working hard, and certainly still fishing.  So, for the time being…If anyone wants to get in touch, please send us an email, or give us a phone call.  Always nice to hear from you all, from time to time.

For now, we will continue here exclusively!  It is now, officially Steelhead season.  We are going to hit the water as often as we can.  We have some new friends coming to fish with us, and many returning.  Here is to the season, and the holidays!  Here fishy fishy!blogfall2014#18

Hang On Tight!

We are in the beginning stages of a major wind event.  There is every kind of warning you can think of on us here at the coast.  Rivers are high, and off color some, so no worries on fishing.  We are supposed to see winds around 80mph or so here.  But, there are rumors of 100 plus.  They claim the rain is not an issue.

So, we have everything taken care of outside.  Atleast as best we can.  Fire is going, house is warm, food is cooked.  Little kitty is inside, although a little irritated.  We are certainly on edge.  More drama with Sara at work too, so it is a tense filled day.

Bookings are getting better each day.  Nice to have the phone ring with people interested.  Fall season seems to be the draw right now, and getting close to half full or so.  That is a good thing.

Looks as if we will be at the Portland Sportsmans Show off and on.  If you plan on attending, keep a look out for us.  We will likely be in the St. Croix booth, most of the time.

For now, we will be in touch after this “event” is over.  Hoping for minimal damage.  We are going to hunker down now!IMG_0652

Got Storms?

We are in the beginnings of a round of storms.  Big rain, and heavy winds.  Everything is secure around here.  Just got through round one.  Tonight is supposed to be a little sporty!

Phone is ringing for Winter fishing, and also for the fall, fire is going in the house, and in the shop.  Vinny is crapped out on the couch, doing what cats do best.  So, cannot complain.  Hanging out, working on gear, paying all of the bills, and getting ready for a run to town.  A nap, and it will be a perfect world.

After the storms, we`ll just have to go out, and see how many new Steelhead are around.  Still a bunch of silvers around, and some spawning here at the house.

For now, going to hunker down and make sure the kitty is fed, and the house is warm, and wait for the next storm.  Here is another cool shot from the Fall.  Col. D. With yet another nice fish!  If you put your time in with us, I guess you get rewarded.  Stay dry!IMG_0654