Spring Chinook

Spring Chinooks will be be here before too long.  They are in the bigger systems now, and the coastal fish will come after.  Most of them are a later return here.  Big, Fat, and Super Fresh.  Depending on where we are, and what we are doing, Crab too…If anyone wants to do a summer time gig, get in touch.  We have limited time to get them, so why not get on the calendar?

We have available space for Summer fish and sand, and a few spots left for the fall.  Please get in touch…blogfall2014#7

Spring Break

This is Sunday.  A slow day for us.  Kind of tired, and just hanging out.  Spring break week is nearing the end.  As always, traffic all over, and heavy volume on the road.  It is winding down.  We sort of walled ourselves in, and did not go out.  Now, the beginning of a new week, and can venture some.  Fishing some of the last trips of winter steelhead coming up.  Two more weeks to go.  This coming week looks to be a bit wet.  Going to bust ass around the yard tomorrow, then back to fishing.

As we wind down on the steelhead, we are gearing up for the summer.  Summer Steelhead, Spring Chinooks, Crabbing, Bottom Fish in Yaquina, Clams in Netarts, and possibly a couple of trips over East.  Thinking about Wickiup, and maybe an old school trip over to Owyhee for some Crappie.  If anyone wants to take some time, and jump in, just let us know…

For now, the last focus on the winter fish, then onto Chinooks…blog2015patnick#1

Goin` Back To Cali…

Got to take some new victims down the creek today.  It was fun…Weather was a bit drippy, fishing was good, and the company was fine.  Other than the slight whining about the chill in the air.  Thats OK, Dad threatened to give the boy his golden diaper…Yes, a jab.  Would you expect anything less?  Hope they had a good day, and we will hopefully see them again this coming fall…blog2015patnick#4

Spring Time!

According to the calendar, it is now Spring.  The usual weather for a change.  Day or two of sun, day or two of rain, and repeat.  A bunch of the early flowers are out, and shoots all over the plants.  Still fishing, and still getting cancellations too.  Seems we are not alone when it comes to health, work, and family issues.  So, we`ll just keep on doing our thing, working on recovery, and attempting to move on, and enjoy the summer…Here`s to the rest of the weekend.blogjesssteve2015#2


Cruised down the creek for a quick burst.  Caught some fish.  More later on that.  The fun part, was when our buddy tried to take a picture, and was snapping off shots, with the camera backwards.  So, in the moment, we told him to turn the camera around.  In the early stage, he was taking pictures of himself.  Ahhh, he says, much better, as he could see us on the screen.

So, we had to teach him how to take a picture with a modern camera!  Technology, is`nt it great?  Amazing what happens when you can see the image through a view finder…This is how “class” went…blogjesssteve2015

Moe The Ripper!

We had some old friends swing by for a day.  Wanted them to stay, but the crops were calling.  Have to keep the worlds greatest fruit happy!

It was a wonderful day, and a lot of fun.  Hope to see you this summer, and certainly in the Fall…Rubber Chicken, where were you?

Set the hook and little harder son!

Set the hook and little harder son!

Forward and Backward…

This week is going to be an interesting one for us.  Weather has turned a little bit, and we got a heck of a storm today.  Some much needed rain, but it came with some pretty good winds.  The fishing schedule has dramatically changed for the week.  You would think by now, that we would be used to it.  People shifting all over the place.  So, we will fish some for work, and I guess, some for fun.  Why not?

As for the other issues, we shall see.  Mainly tomorrow.  Some twists and turns for Sara.  She is super dedicated to her job, and always tries to do her very best.  There has been a long battle in her department, with a ton of changes, both in a good way, and many ways, not so much.  We are hoping for some good news, and certainly some type of answers.  Mostly, we are wanting some closure and some security!  Our story is long, as some of you know, and it is time for some peace and tranquility.  Anxiety has been high for some time now.  Getting some good information, and answers is all we can ask for now, but the added security is super important right now.  So, here goes nothing, and hopefully, things work out well, and in our favor.  If that happens, then we can proceed with our plans.

For now, here is a shot from a while back.  The boys from North Carolina…We have been looking at some later pictures, and trying to use some of them for fun, and for some conversation to lighten the mood some.

Hope we all have a good week, and we all have some good news.  We sure could use some, for sure…blog2015edit

Wild Fish!

Last week was a little tough.  Caught some fish, and not a single keeper in the bunch.  Was hard, simply because of this neat issue we have been dealing with.  Hope it passes soon.  Weather is beautiful outside, so just trying to mess around, and get some rest.

Need some rain terribly.  The river is super low and clear.  The fish are there, but shady critters for sure.  Looks like we`ll get a little shot of the wet stuff mid week, so that`s good.  Everything is ready, other than these bodily topics…Enjoy the nice weather, and the rest of the weekend…blognatejosh2015#1