Fishing Updates…

We are getting a bunch of inquiries.  All about the heat, warm water, and closures.  As it stands, all tide area`s remain open.  Off shore in certain area`s and for certain species, also remain open.  Up to this point, our fall salmon season is a go ahead.  Crabbing and shell fish is also open.  There are many closures across the state, and also certain time restrictions.  To find all of the details, and latest information, you can go to the Oregon Dept. of Fish and Wildlife web pages, and take a look.  You can access a demographic, close to your area, and get daily updates on what is happening.  Either way, showing some care, regardless of where you plan to fish, or hunt for that matter is good.  Everything is super dry, so caution on all levels.

For now, keep us in mind for anything you might like to do on the water.  Our Fall is going to be good, and we are really looking forward to it.  Getting into some recovery from Alaska, getting some food stocked up, and bookings are good.  Canning fish, and all kinds of other things.  So, we`ll be warm and eating well this winter.

As for the developements with the weather, the fishing and the hunting.  There is a world at your fingertips to read.  Of course, everything is subject to change.  We just recommend caution on all levels at this point, and for our future resources.

There you have it!  If anyone has further questions, let us know.  We`ll do our best to point you in a beneficial direction.

Vincent "Bullet Tooth"

Vincent “Bullet Tooth”

Money Fish!

Just messing around.  Not much to do now, since we blew past Hell heat hours ago.  Seriously, thought we lived in Oregon.  95 degrees in the shade…Everything sure could use some cooler weather and a jag of rain…For now, just having some fun with pictures until we get rolling on this fall thing.katmai2015#1


Just got word…Been in the loop for a couple of days.  Last night, we lost a long time customer, and really good fishing buddy.  Glen Martilla, aka Pops, died last night, due to complications of liver cancer.  Yes, another cancer victim.

The prognosis was 2 to 3 years to live.  He got just a couple of months.  He died in his sleep, with heavy medication, from what we understand.  He, and his friend Rich, fished with us often.  All kinds of jabs and sarcasm over the years, including the famous “stoned rat” tattoo.

In light of the day.  Rest in Peace Pops!  Perhaps see you down the road on a stream someday.

Glen Martilla 2015

Glen Martilla 2015


King fishing this year in Alaska was pretty good.  Not on fire by any means, but still good fishing for where we were.  So, no complaints.  Many of us did well…Gives us some hope for an amazing fall here at home.  We are ready…mustad#1

The Pose…

This is a pose that drives us crazy.  The yuppie, fairy wand, super fisherman pose!  Likely one of the only times we will ever take this type of picture.  Even though it is not in our nature, the photo turned out pretty well.  Just don`t understand the rod in your teeth thing.  Do what the customer wants I guess…Chum on a fly!  And a nice to too…blog2015AK

Got Reds?

My buddy “Slim”, with some of the sockeye we got between us all to take home.  It was a fun afternoon.  Many of these tasty little fish are destined for our smoker and canner.  Got to bring a few home.  The beginning stages start tomorrow, with thawing, then in the brine, then kipper in the smoker, then de-bone, then peel, then can, then pressure cook.  Going to be a nice treat when the wind is howling, and the rain is coming down in sheets this fall and winter.  Hugging the stove with some crackers and cream cheese, and snuggling with the mooching cat…With us all having a riot on the beach, we should all have some.mustad#4

Back Home…

blog July 2015Home from Alaska.  It was a ton of work.  Some good things came from it, and some other things not so much.  Currently just feel like you got hit by a train.  Fishing was odd.  Sockeye were late, and so were the Chums.  The King fishing was actually pretty good for what the system has to offer.  For now, working on getting some rest and yard work.  Then canning some goodies for the winter and prepping for the fall.