The Pose…

This is a pose that drives us crazy.  The yuppie, fairy wand, super fisherman pose!  Likely one of the only times we will ever take this type of picture.  Even though it is not in our nature, the photo turned out pretty well.  Just don`t understand the rod in your teeth thing.  Do what the customer wants I guess…Chum on a fly!  And a nice to too…blog2015AK

Got Reds?

My buddy “Slim”, with some of the sockeye we got between us all to take home.  It was a fun afternoon.  Many of these tasty little fish are destined for our smoker and canner.  Got to bring a few home.  The beginning stages start tomorrow, with thawing, then in the brine, then kipper in the smoker, then de-bone, then peel, then can, then pressure cook.  Going to be a nice treat when the wind is howling, and the rain is coming down in sheets this fall and winter.  Hugging the stove with some crackers and cream cheese, and snuggling with the mooching cat…With us all having a riot on the beach, we should all have some.mustad#4