Fishing? Pfft…

So, here we are.  Posted some pictures for the Hell of it.  I guess it is some onset of stress and anxiety.  We are just beginning to dry out some, and now we have more wet weather on the way.  So many things are compromised.  Hill sides, creeks and rivers, and many of the roads.  Flood watch is once again on tap.  Sara remains in the valley, doing her best to stay calm and always super dedicated to her job.  Always something.  We just hope, or you atleast hope that the company would take care of some of the people.  Small gestures go a long, long way.

Fishing remains on hold.  Some of the creeks are trying to clean up, but with the up and coming rain, we will again be waiting.  The highway here remains closed.  So, getting to and fro remains a challenge at times.  Looking forward to the middle of next week.  Some visitors coming and going, everyone here safe, and a bunch of cooking for sure.  You know? That gourmet stuff that just magically lands on your plate to enjoy!blog2015#1

40 Days, and 40 Nights!

Taking a much needed break from storm detail.  Just, oh, worn out.  Still moist and more rainy stuff is here now.  Super tired, but don`t want to nap.  Vinny is crapped out on the couch, the stove is going, supper is cooked, and will be tying leaders shortly.  Just wanted to sit some, so decided to go through some older pictures of Steelhead past.  Get in touch with us if you want to go fishing this winter and spring.

Now, waiting for Sara to get home, from a very trying week, and relax for an evening or two.DSC00611

R Rated Update!

Warning! Explicit language, may or may not occur in this post…

We are just now coming off of a series of major flooding storms.  Roads are washed out, and water is everywhere.  Our driveway is shot.  So, we get to fix that damn thing.  We had water flowing through our shop.  It is now somewhat cleaned up, and attempting to dry.  Today, we had violent thunder and lightening.  We had one strike hit us, and pinned me against the kitchen counter, and blew Vinny the cat from the window across the kitchen.

Our road here at the house is, and will remain closed.  If we travel, there is a long way around.  Sara is staying in the valley, as she is always dedicated to her job.  She will attempt to come home for the weekends.  I just hope they feed her well, and take care of her under the circumstances.  We all know how hard it is to be at work, and not be able to come home.

So, here we are.  Dealing with events that are out of our control.  The shitty part, is that the vast majority still does`nt give a crap.  Good to know that people still do not exist in the country.  If you are in the city, you`re good.  We can`t get to the Post office, or the bank, so your damn bills can wait!  We are prepared for these things, so we have plenty of food.  Others panic because they are out of cereal and go into a panic.  We cook outside on the grill or on a fire, we have generation if needed, and are perfectly fine other than tension.  The boats are ready to launch if we have to.  And, the really neat thing, is that when we lose our power here, we lose our phone too.  And those of you that know us, know, we have NO cell service here.  No cell phone?  Crap, the majority would lose their God Damned minds without their phone glued to their head.

There is a small vent, and a little update.  Some events here and there, and some stress getting in and out of here, and being safe doing so.  We are alive and well…

Boat is ready, just in case

Boat is ready, just in case