Late Season Fall Chinook

Getting close to the end of the season.  We are just now coming off of a big wash out.  Fairly normal for this time of the year.  We are fishing through Thanksgiving, and calling it off.

A little bit of time off, and then into winter Steelhead.  If you want to fish through the winter and the spring, get in touch.  Our new email is   As we go through the next week, the website should be fully updated, with some new pictures and reviews too…If you have the time, please send us an email, so we can update our address cache.blogfall#2

Email Update…

Our email has now changed.  The website will be updated further soon.  Our old email will void directly.  Please direct contact to the address below.

As we proceed, you will see some changes to the site, but the NEW email is concrete.  Thanks!mustadfall2015#3

The Crud…

Working on things, here and there, and in between squalls.  Rain, hail, wind, and cooler.  We are still trying to fight off the crud, that someone graciously gave us.  Starts in the head, and ends up in the chest.  The coughing spells are off the charts.  Thanks for that, whoever you are.

For now, hugging the stove, and watching ball games.  Sara and Vinny are sound asleep.  Must be the short days.  May as well shove another picture…Have a good week.mustadfall2015#1

Thank you!

We want to Thank each and every person who came to fish with us recently.  It has been a tough road for us, as of lately.  A ton of changes, not just with us, but for many others as well.  Since the economy issues, we are still in the middle of recovery.  Without dedicated customers and friends, we could`nt have survived the blows.  You kept us afloat, and food on our table.  Now, many of you are returning, along with some new faces.  We hope you all had a good visit, and continue to come, and also help us build further by spreading the word some.  I personally, started this crazy career choice 26 years ago October.  Now that we have been full time, Sara and I, we are looking forward to thriving further.  Together, we can make that happen.  This fall was interesting.  Had some good days, and some bad, and everything in between.  Old faces and new, and some memories were made for sure.  Won`t name names, but we want to express our gratitude for spending time with us, you know who you all are.

Hope to see you soon in our boat for this coming Winter and Spring.  Stay Fishy!mustadfall#1

Big Muddy!

blogoctober2015#4So, Here we are. Smack dab, right in the middle of a rainy and windy event. All of the rivers are up, and off color. Mostly totally out.
We might get a few days back on the creek for the last of Fall season, but we are close to being done. Hoping there are a few fish left to play with. Several days will be lost, but hopeful to finish strong just before Thanksgiving and into the holiday itself. For now, that remains uncertain.
As we round the corner and head into winter, we will switch gears for Steelhead. Starting the process already. Bookings are starting to show, and we are hoping for a good showing of people who want to fish with us, and also a banner return of fish. We are going to start around Christmas, and go clear through the entire month of April. Get in touch with us, and let us know when you want to come. Many of you are on the calendar already, so we will see you soon.
For now, we wait for a weather break, and work around the place.

Fishin` Stuff…

Guess we don`t work hard enough, especially when you are sick with a cold of the century.  This stuff does`nt clean itself, rig itself, and so on.  Bait and equipment magically shazams itself together.  And it all gets done in a timely 16 hour day.  And, the fish just jump in the boat everyday…So you want to be a fishing guide?mustadfall2015#3

“Old Friends”

Had a long week.  Had some things break, had some company for a couple of days, fixed broken things, and dealt with the health stuff.  Some old friends came for a sleep over and some supper.  Had some good conversation, and a day on the water.  Getting harder for the young man to fish, but we manage.  Either way, the dynamics have changed, and we hope to spend more quality time outdoors, rather than just being focused on killing fish, and the stress that comes with it.  Seems as we age, priorities begin to change.  Tough when you feel crumby, but try to enjoy the moment still.

Boat`s back at the dock, everything is rigged and ready.  Should be a good week, with good tides, and plenty of fish around.  Going to rest some, wait for this full super moon, lunar eclipse thing, and watch football…9-23-15 post

Parting shot…

You kind of get the idea.  There are a couple of video clips on our company Facebook page, in case anyone is interested.  Done posting now for the weekend.  Just some updates about what we do around here.  Back to work we go!  We just thought this was kind of a cool picture.  It is always nice to have someone rattling off pictures in the boat.  It`s fun to see what you get.   blog2015#1