Hang On Tight!

We are in the beginning stages of a major wind event.  There is every kind of warning you can think of on us here at the coast.  Rivers are high, and off color some, so no worries on fishing.  We are supposed to see winds around 80mph or so here.  But, there are rumors of 100 plus.  They claim the rain is not an issue.

So, we have everything taken care of outside.  Atleast as best we can.  Fire is going, house is warm, food is cooked.  Little kitty is inside, although a little irritated.  We are certainly on edge.  More drama with Sara at work too, so it is a tense filled day.

Bookings are getting better each day.  Nice to have the phone ring with people interested.  Fall season seems to be the draw right now, and getting close to half full or so.  That is a good thing.

Looks as if we will be at the Portland Sportsmans Show off and on.  If you plan on attending, keep a look out for us.  We will likely be in the St. Croix booth, most of the time.

For now, we will be in touch after this “event” is over.  Hoping for minimal damage.  We are going to hunker down now!IMG_0652

Got Storms?

We are in the beginnings of a round of storms.  Big rain, and heavy winds.  Everything is secure around here.  Just got through round one.  Tonight is supposed to be a little sporty!

Phone is ringing for Winter fishing, and also for the fall, fire is going in the house, and in the shop.  Vinny is crapped out on the couch, doing what cats do best.  So, cannot complain.  Hanging out, working on gear, paying all of the bills, and getting ready for a run to town.  A nap, and it will be a perfect world.

After the storms, we`ll just have to go out, and see how many new Steelhead are around.  Still a bunch of silvers around, and some spawning here at the house.

For now, going to hunker down and make sure the kitty is fed, and the house is warm, and wait for the next storm.  Here is another cool shot from the Fall.  Col. D. With yet another nice fish!  If you put your time in with us, I guess you get rewarded.  Stay dry!IMG_0654

Done, Done, and Done!!!

It`s official now!  We are done with Fall Chinooks.  It was a strange season for sure.  Some highs and lows for sure.  A little drama here and there, with some really whacky weather too.  Fishing for us was either really good, or really poor.  Rarely did we have just an average day.  Ended up with the flu for a few days, and lost a handful of days because of that, and blown out river conditions.

Currently, we have the biggest rain of the entire year!  Major rain, with some wind too.  Every creek is total mud, including ours.  The rocks are even rolling under the house.  Been a while since we have had that.

Most of the remaining fish, that were in the river, vanished last week.  Boat has been cleaned, and is sitting, slowly getting ready for the winter.  As the storms roll in, we will be sitting here warm, and tying leaders and getting ready.

Going to shoot pictures over time here now.  Did`nt really take that many to be honest.  There was a lot going on, and blew up one of our camera`s.  Figured we would be in too deep, if we broke the good one.  We`ll also do a photo album on Facebook too, so you can see.  Hope the holiday season is treating you well.  Now off to prep the smoker and the fish for canning!blogfall2014#11

Tid Bit Chilly!

We are in an early cold snap.  Went from 60 to 30 in no time.  Pretty much been permanently at the mercy of stoking the fire, and keeping the house warm.  River is cold, low, and super clear.  Oh Well!

Starting tomorrow, we are headed into the final push of Fall Chinooks.  Going to be cold, and will do our best to take the remaining good pictures.  Going to focus on staying warm as best we can, safe, and hopefully scrape up some fish.  As we go, we will likely be quiet, and throw a final slide show when we are done.  Right now, just want to try and have some fun, and when we get home, need to work on getting warm and comfortable, with good food.

So, for now, here goes nothin`!!!Blogfall2014

Veterans Week…

Our weekend is nearly over.  We had a lot to plan, and things to do.  The holiday crowd is out and about, but we first want to Thank all veterans for sure.  Make sure to check the previous post.

We are all prepped and ready for the new week.  The Arctic storm sliding our way, should make things interesting.  Possible snow, ice, and definately frosty in the morning.  Cool days ahead for us, as we make our final push to the end of Fall Season.  For the most part, it was good.  We had some tough days, and it was a little more difficult personally, learning how to move all over again.  For now, put your head down, and finish the gig.

Friday and Saturday, was all about Pinky.  Her 70th Birthday!  Man, time is flying by.  We had a simple, but tasty supper Friday afternoon.  LaFrieda burgers and dogs, with various flavored chips, plenty to drink, and sweet rolls for dessert.  Saturday was an event day for us.  We had a buffet dinner, which is rare for us, but with purpose.  Then went to a show.  I could explain further, but magic shows have a small piece in our hearts.  It was a time, when we could simply have a little piece from the drama and emotional pain of what we had as a life.  Being around a show, allowed us to smile, even for a short time.  So, Sara was able to get us tickets, and we went to see Penn & Teller.  Kind of crowded for our liking, but it was a good show, as it has been in the past.  Mostly though, something to experience for us.

For the rest of the week here, we are going to bust ass, try and stay warm, and knock the Hell out of some fish.  And, no, I am not scared to belly up to the stage, and take a picture “wife”!  Could`nt get any closer, and only got yelled at once…



So You Wanna Be A Fishin` Guide?

That was a topic over the last couple of days.  Many don`t realize the amount of preparation, time and paperwork, that goes into just one day of fishing with customers.  It is without question, a lot of work.  Yesterday, we were having fun with the topic, as we were in frog strangling rain, and 40 to 50 winds…For now, here is a little taste.  Prep for the fall, with one thousand pounds of salmon eggs in the making…IMG_0563


Had some visitors from the deep South.  Paul, who we have known for years, and his super vixen girlfriend.  It was a lot of fun, although loud around here for a few days.  It was kind of a rodeo the first night, with the new boat coming at the same time.  Pretty much threw everything we had, on and in, and we were fishing.  Caught a few down in tide.  Not on fire, but had chances and they got to take some home.  At the very least, T got a little idea about what we do around here.  It was good to see an old friend, and meeting T.  Even Sara got to go, so it was a family affair…