Fall 2014 New Addition…

We finally got our new computer.  It took a while.  Money, and Sara doing a ton of research.  A long learning curve for sure.  There are a lot of changes, and programs, that neither of us understand.

But, we can finally start updating our pictures and video`s.  We heard from a lot of people about updating this blog.  Many, apparently did`nt understand.  It is difficult to do, when you can`t!  This year cost us a lot of money, and had to stop the bleeding.  Would have been happy to lay down a bunch of pictures, but Santa Claus didn’t bring us any presents.  There is that detail.

It will take a little time on getting photo`s ready with this new thing, so will do our best.  We have been fishing since the first week of September, every day, except Sunday of course.  Schedule was full, with the exception of getting the flu, and a couple of blown out river days.  Some days were good, and some slow.  Many old customers and friends have re emerged since the economy issues.  So, getting to see some old faces again.  That’s good!  Another month to go for Fall fish, then onto winter fishing.  Been a very long year for us, on many levels.  For now, enjoy the very first shot, and first post on a new computer.  Enjoy the rest of your weekend, and up and coming week.  If you`ll excuse me now, I`m going to check out the back of my eyelids.

Good Fishy

Good Fishy

Big Rain Finally…

We are finally seeing the first significant fall rain.  Much needed.  The weather has been so very strange.  With all of the ups and downs, fishing has slowed over the last spell.  It will be interesting to see how things turn out, as we get back to normal.  A good flush of the rivers, and hopefully fish will be plentiful.  The hunters should reap rewards too.  Sure was dry for us all.

Some of our schedule has changed.  We had a couple of cancellations.  We have 3 days open, if anyone wants to go try and catch some fish for the holidays.

Moving the dock tomorrow, so it is safe for the winter 40 days and 40 nights.  Hope to be back in the game by Friday…For now, hunker down, eat well, be warm, and safe and patient when you are out and about.

Best Fishes!

Sara Zalonis with a little one!

Sara Zalonis with a little one!

Fall Fishing 2014

Been a while.  We have been very busy.  We had some issues over the last while.  Computer is still questionable as well.  New one soon, as soon as we are caught up on all of the bills, and people get off our ass.  Thats what happens when you are in and out of the hospital, since March, and are self imployed!

Yes…We are fishing!  Yes, we are catching fish.  Our schedule is totally full for the season.  Cannot complain, except for those that find it necessary to cancel at the last minute.  Either way, breaks from time to time is fine, and this season hopefully goes as planned, and we can catch up on everything.

After a series of delays, D-Day was finally delivered.  She was literally thrown into the fire in a matter of hours.  As mentioned, driver is out.  We have new pictures of her fishing, and so on.  Later on!

Now, we have people coming from all over.  Fishing through November, pretty much straight.  So, for those that think we fell off the planet, we are still around.  For the haters, we did not quit, and won`t quit, until we are dead.  We are just really busy, and have a lot of messes to clean up, things to buy, and attempt to remain healthy.

For now, keep on moving along, we will be in touch soon.  Here “fishy fishy”…

Women Of The Fall…

As always…Love women in the boat.  Fishing, crabbing, floating, even just hanging out in the sand waiting.   Going to give a shout out to all of the girls that fish.  Messing to see what we can do on the program now.  But, this fall is going to be amazing!  With all of the new things, and the changes, we absolutely cannot wait!  But, we are going to have to.

Have a wonderful, and safe weekend!  It is HOT!!!

The Good Looking Girlfriend!

The Good Looking Girlfriend!

Rubber Chicken, The Mistress

Rubber Chicken, The Mistress

Fall Salmon Forecast!

Just went through all of the numbers for the 2014 Fall Forecast for Chinooks.  Oh Man, does it look good!  If you are not on our calendar, you are going to miss one of the biggest returns in years!  Those of you that were here, do you remember 2007?  Yeah, kind of like that!  Enjoy the rest of your week…Good news!

Fall Chinooks 2014

We have been checking on several situations for the summer and fall fishing seasons.  As of the latest, there is some word about this coming fall.  Seems there is a phenomenon coming this year.  Word is, and we might add, all of the reports are similar, that, we are going to have a huge run of Fall Chinooks.  Not just the big river, but the entire North Coast.  This is “Great” news!  Last year, despite odd weather, was really good.  Would love to see anything, even remotely close to 2007…So…We are going to fish the rest of this Winter season, to the end of March.  Some up and coming events are going to keep us off the water until some time around mid June.  And, some serious prep work for the Fall.  We are about 2/3 full for the Fall right now, and want to be full by June.  If anyone else out there wants to go, get in touch, and we`ll make it happen.  There is your report!