Steelhead Fishing 2014

No picture for now.  This years Steelhead season was cut a little short.  We knew we had some things to get done.  You may or may not know, but I have had some serious joint damage.  Wanted to wait until the end of April, but decided to get things fixed early.  Turns out, the weather is crap anyway, and many of the local creeks are muddy and high.  Good timing.

  Anyhow, our Steelhead season is over.  Had all of the repairs done on my shoulder this last Thursday.  This makes the 5th repair session.  Trying hard to relax, but with any of these things, the discomfort becomes irritating.  Pain was a little high, but calming some.  Post operation appointment is Monday.  Then recovery.
  For now, I will do my best to keep everyone in the loop on Jesse and on Facebook.  Difficult for me to type, so Sara may or may not do more.
Enjoy the moist and windy weather.

River Concerns…

This winters season was a tough one.  Not just for us, but for many, and in many different ways.  Weather was a huge factor.  A little more than normal.  Bookings were also off a little, so that made things a little more stressful.  Between the two, among other things, the river pressure when fishable was very high, and it still is.
 As the season progressed, we were getting many more reports and calls about the river pressure.  Quite a few, including ourselves, are concerned.  Not only with the pressure on the river, but with shady fishing practices as well.  So, here is our take on the situation, and what we do know, and some of our thoughts.
  As a work group member, before broodstock, we had some major concerns about the added pressure to the stream.  We have worked since the 80`s to rebuild our wild stock of Steelhead, and stream enhancement.  Now, we pull them from the river, to produce hatchery stock.  Makes some sense, but at the same time, not so much.  Pressure from the river went from about 5 boats a day, to 40 or more during the Spring time fishery.  In a nut shell, it has become a problem.  Increased pressure on the wild stock, inconsiderate people, litter, theft, sabotage, and a whole lot of behind the key board bashing!  Rather than it being fun, and pristine, as it once was.  It has become a little more tense and stressful.  Both on the fish, and the fishermen.
  To keep this shorter than it could be, there is another issue that we will mention.  It has become a huge problem, and we get calls about them all the time.  One is a local sporting goods shop, and their river reports.  There have been many times, in fact often, where people want a river report, or view a report over the web.  What they encounter is generally banter, and lies about fishing and conditions.  It has been, and will continue to be a pain in the ass!  But, bottom line for us, is we cannot do anything about it.  What we do know, is that when people are inside, and not on the river, they create their own fantasy about conditions and what fishing is like.  Also, when people are hurting for money, they have a tendancy to bend the truth, and take desperate measures to increase foot traffic.
  The other issue we are having is with other guides.  Or, so called guides to clarify.  There is a new group in the area now.  Seems they have landed here for the moment.  With these select individuals, we have seen some questionable operating practices at best.  On top of law breaking, and sabotage to our trucks and boats.  Slander on top of this as well.  The part we find interesting, is that when we redo our papers for a new year, they give us codes of ethics, and all kinds of other things, that apparently mean nothing.  It is a big headed, super star world right now.  The funny part about the whole thing, is all the punks do is run from us.  They know we are better fishermen, and have longevity on them.  Even though they are the latest greatest thing, they are so threatened by other boats and fishermen, they have to race, speed, bash, glare, and show how cool they are.
  So, there you go.  Hope some of the questions we are getting are answered.  It is much larger, and if you would like to talk some, feel free to swing by or call us.  Be happy to talk over a nice cocktail.
  Just a few more days left for us, then off to Summer Time Fishing for us soon.

Limited Days…

We have just a few days left to fish.  Some much needed yard work to complete coming this weekend.  We had a good week, but the fishing did slow a little bit.  We are focused on some other issues at the moment.  Have a great weekend!  Looks like it is going to be a beautiful couple of days.

The New Girl…

A new girl hit the scene.  Hopefully she, and her husband spend a little more time with us.  A little slower today, but we did get into some fish.  Only one keeper.  Released and lost some others.  But, not bad for a first time Steelheader.  And, as always…The girls outfish the boys.  Thanks for the day kids, and we will see you soon.  Did we mention we love women fishing? 

PoPo and the Golf Pro…

The guys had a good day on their first day.  The second was a little better.  A limit at 12:15.  Some crazy moments and some amazing fish for sure.  A couple of rodeo chases, and a Hell of a lot of rowing.  It was called a clinic by them.  A good compliment.  Hope you guys had a good trip, and good to see you both.  Next up, Fall…

Caught Some…

Some old friends were here for a few days.  We were washed out for one of their days.  The rest of the time, we spend speed drifting the creek.  Of the two days they did fish, we ripped them up pretty good…

Wet and Windy…Still

Another good round of storms are upon us again.  Big rain, and the winds are getting stronger by the minute now.  Against other reports, the river is totally out of shape, and likely will be for some time now.  There are also some debris flows around.  So, even if you are going to visit the coast, be very careful. 
The river fished well Tuesday, after a muddy creek Monday.  We caught a few, and kept two.  So, cannot complain too much, even though we are once again, off the water, and losing money.
  As a wise kid once said…Stupid Fishermen. The River`s Blowed Out!  Have a good rest of your moist, and breezy week and weekend!

In Like A Lion…

We are into the first week of March now.  The month is coming in like a lion.  Big rain, heavy winds, and heavy river flows.  Looked at the creek this morning, and just turned around, dropped off the guys and headed home.  But, of course, there were a couple of boats taking peoples money for nothing.  We all need the money, but there is a line for us.  I would rather move the day, if I can, and keep the guys and gals happy.  Rather than a quick pay check, having people be miserable in marginal conditions and stormy weather.  And, have them come back some other time.

  As it stands, last week was really good.  A ton of fish around.  Which makes it even worse.  Lots of fish, but rivers on the rise and out of shape.  Likely the local creeks will be out atleast until the weekend.  And, we have a full schedule too.  Neat!
  We have a series of wet storms coming as we speak.  The web is full of updates, and warnings.  Looks likely everything will be wet, blowy, and out for the time being.
  The schedule is full, up until the end of the month.  Hope to get most of them in.  As for updates on the conditions, and the fishing, we are going to change things up some.  There are a ton of people looking at the site, and looking for information about the river, and catches.  It has become more obvious that when we start ripping fish, everyone shows up.  So, we will do a weekly result on both our sites, and social media, at the ends of each week.  Pretty much done giving out free information, and having others float around us, to learn our little super spots.  Not too concerned about being in front, or behind anyone.  Our bait, and technique is better anyway…
  As the storms hit us one after the other.  We are going to hug the fire, do the chores, and be a good house wife and cook.  We may post some pictures just for fun later on.
  For the rest, we should be here waiting for the weather to break.  So, if you want to book some time for Summer fishing, or for Fall Chinooks, just give us a call, and we can talk about it.
 Have a good week!

Got Fish?

Had a good week.  The boat pressure was totally off the charts.  Seems everyone is following along.  Funny how everyone avoids us, and yet has to see our website to find out information about conditions.  Come on over.  Our bait is better than your bait!
End of the week for us.  Some interesting weather for the next couple of days, and some much needed gear care.  Have a wonderful weekend!  Damn that`s a good lookin` boat!