Some much needed rain is here!  Not a lot, but right now, anything helps.  Creeks are sure low and clear.

This has been one Hell of a week for us.  All kinds of crazy stuff.  Sara is on here way home, and ready for a much needed break, and a week to herself.  Having a nice, “CALM”, and quiet weekend would sure be nice.  Just be able to be outside, relax some, and enjoy some peace around the place.  A long story, just need a break…

For now, when you found some fish, we just ripped them up, and leave.  That has been the nature of the beast.  Guys and gals are getting everything set for this fall.  Hope to be full soon.  Here is a new guy, Roger, with one of some we caught yesterday.  Kind of a fun day, and we solved a lot of the worlds problems.  Now he is off to surgery, and when he recovers, we hope to see him again…blogroger2015

It Happened.

Jarod has fished a bunch, and also caught a bunch.  But, he finally got a hatchery fish he could keep.  Only took him two years.  Everyone else he brings gets them.

Fishing is slow, with a fish here or there, with gin clear conditions.  Could use a bit of rain, even though the weather has be beautiful, other than frosty the snow man mornings.blogjarod2015

Unicorns, Rainbows, and Glitter

Good to see some old friends over the last couple of days.  Fishing has been slow, to fair, but nothing spectacular as far as numbers.  River is getting on the low and clear stage now, and the pressure has been extremely heavy!  Over the last weekend, we have never seen so many boats, with 50 plus shuttles each day, and a parade going by the house…

On a lighter note, Josh pulls into the lead!  The biggest fish of the season for us this year, and very likely the biggest hatchery Steelhead caught on the entire river for the season.  So, here you go!  A Mutant…



Basket of Puppies…

Had an old friend come for another round.  We figured it has been about 8 years or so, since the last time he came.  All kinds of moving around, work, and everything else kept him away.  Fits in with the rest of us I guess.  Been a crazy world over the last few years, thats for sure.  Good to see you Bruce, and lets get together again sooner than years!blogbruce2015#2

Got Boats?

Since we were home this weekend, working around the place, doing treatment, and trying to get healthy…A beautiful day, and weekend for sure.  We are on the mend around here, and hope it continues.  Been a long road of sickness, and recovery.

As we were outside, all we see is boat, after boat, and another boat!  Everyone wonders why we don`t fish on the weekends, especially holiday weekends…Seems the creek was a bit busy!  You should see it, amazing traffic rolling down the road.

As we get re grouped, we will be back at it after this crazy busy holiday weekend.  People coming from all over.  Really looking forward to it for sure…Have a good week!blogmikey2015#2


Little Mikey came for a good day.  Poor kid!  Always fun and entertaining.  Plenty of laughs and the ever present sarcasm and ribbing.

Was good to be on the river, and spend time with a good friend and family.  All except for his overalls, of course.  And, as always, cannot Thank him enough for protecting us, and our country…

A series of storms is on its way, with the first one here now.  Likely be off for a bit.  For now, off to work at the sportsmans show, and tend to myself and a sick wife…b

Just Fishin~

Weather outside is frightful, and the internet out here in the sticks is not cooperating.  So, for now, this is what you get.  We have been doing pretty good, over the last few days.  A much needed few trips, after doctor visits, treatments, and trying to not feel like death warmed over!

Getting better slowly on the health thing.  Sara now has some crud she picked up in the cess pool.  Off for the rest of the week.  Weather warnings all over the place, and big rain is coming.  Rivers along the entire coast will be compromised for a little bit.  Spending the next few days working here, and helping groups at the sportsmans show…

Catch you down the road!blogmikey2015#1