Slight Changes…

Hey Everyone!

As we head into the Winter season, and a new year, we are going to remain a little quiet.  The social media sites remain, however, we will not be posting any interactions at this time.  Social media was to be a good network for us.  We wanted to share our lives as fishermen, entertain, and to promote what we do.  It is supposed to be fun, and a good way to advertise.  At the moment, there just seems to be too many issues, and sensitivity floating around.  This year was especially tough on us, for various reasons.  it is just time to take a break from what people now, consider normal.  A little tired of the phone, internet, social scene.  With everyone having their face stuffed into a text, or whatever.  Not trying to be negative at all.  Sharing on social media was supposed to be fun!  Currently, just a little annoying.

We strive to be the best we can be, and will continue to do so.  We work extremely hard, and expect good friends, and our family, to continue to love and respect us, as well as our decisions.  We are still here, we are still working hard, and certainly still fishing.  So, for the time being…If anyone wants to get in touch, please send us an email, or give us a phone call.  Always nice to hear from you all, from time to time.

For now, we will continue here exclusively!  It is now, officially Steelhead season.  We are going to hit the water as often as we can.  We have some new friends coming to fish with us, and many returning.  Here is to the season, and the holidays!  Here fishy fishy!blogfall2014#18

Early Freeze…

Crumby weather today.  We cancelled the day today.  Here, we are iced over.  Everything has a nice coating of freezing rain.  Traffic is light, but the road is alright.  Started to thaw a bit ago.  All of the wires, trees and bushes are flattened.

For today, working on gear, cooking good food, and keeping the fire stoked.  Everyone is home and safe.  Thankfully, it was`nt as bad as it could have been.  Two more weeks of Fall Chinooks, then Steelhead season.  This last push will be nice and cold and damp, so we should all be good and exausted here shortly…Be safe the rest of the week, and we will return shortly with the final season shots, and info…We have some neat new sayings for sure.  We`ll share later on for some grins.



Veterans Weekend…

Today is the beginning of Veterans Day Weekend.  Tuesday, is the actual event.  We want to Thank each and every veteran, of all of the forces.  It is, and always will be, special to us.  Hold up a glass, eat a good burger, and if you can, pay some respect…Enjoy your holiday weekend, because there were many that made a sacrifice, so you could be free!  Those of you, who are in our circle, you know who you are, Thank You…

As for this picture, there is a story behind it.  We will let you decide!  blogIMG_0501

River`s Blowd Out…

Yes, Blowd!  It is an inside thing.  I know atleast one good friend that will get it…Rivers all over the coast are shot.  Going to give it a go tomorrow, and see if we can`t catch a fish or two in the mud.  For now, here is a shot from September in tide.  That is one Hell of a scary crew right there…Out for the rest of the week.  Have a good rest of the week, and weekend.IMG_0575

Fall Fishing 2014

Been a while.  We have been very busy.  We had some issues over the last while.  Computer is still questionable as well.  New one soon, as soon as we are caught up on all of the bills, and people get off our ass.  Thats what happens when you are in and out of the hospital, since March, and are self imployed!

Yes…We are fishing!  Yes, we are catching fish.  Our schedule is totally full for the season.  Cannot complain, except for those that find it necessary to cancel at the last minute.  Either way, breaks from time to time is fine, and this season hopefully goes as planned, and we can catch up on everything.

After a series of delays, D-Day was finally delivered.  She was literally thrown into the fire in a matter of hours.  As mentioned, driver is out.  We have new pictures of her fishing, and so on.  Later on!

Now, we have people coming from all over.  Fishing through November, pretty much straight.  So, for those that think we fell off the planet, we are still around.  For the haters, we did not quit, and won`t quit, until we are dead.  We are just really busy, and have a lot of messes to clean up, things to buy, and attempt to remain healthy.

For now, keep on moving along, we will be in touch soon.  Here “fishy fishy”…

The Big Black!

fall 2010#4 019As far as it goes for now.  Images are a little smaller than before, but you get the idea.  Going to be a hot damn weekend, and up coming week.  Be safe, stay cool.  We`ll modify this thing as we go.

There You Go!

Here you are!  Yes, we are aware that our blog was not working.   We had phone calls and emails daily, telling us that it was not working.  Totally appreciate the heads up, but we were aware, and it was being fixed.

Here is the situation…Since this version of The FH website, the blog was being operated as “quickblogcast”…It has since been phased out, and was cancelled abruptly on us, with no warning.  We had to order new.  The best option was “WordPress”.  It is a lot more complicated, but at the same time, has a lot more cool things to use.  As you know, everything is always super easy, and gets done magically with the snap of fingers.  Right?  Yeah.

As this was ordered, we asked specifically to have it totally linked up to the site directly.  As it once was.  Sure, all set, and done.  Yep… Finally, after two weeks, countless hours, and several phone calls, both by myself, and by Sara, it is now done.

So…As this goes along.  The Blog is now live for us all.  I, personally, am going to do a bunch of trial and error stuff, and see what I can do.  Going to try to pimp things out a little.  I am a total novice with computer crap, so it should be interesting.   You might see something cool, or complete crash and burn stuff for a little bit.  So, follow along, and get a nice laugh.  I know you will!