Las Vegas!!!

Made it home from a fabulous weekend.  An amazing invite from our friends Dwight and Jackie.  We will never forget it.  A little running around on the strip, and in old town.  But, the track was fantastic.  Whether you are a fan or not, seeing a Nascar race is just kick ass.  And, for the moment at least, Sara is now a fan of #18 in the cup races.  We cannot Thank them enough for the trip.

Las Vegas Motor Speedway

Las Vegas Motor Speedway

Still Blown Out!

We did get to fish a little bit.  A whole whopping three days.  Rain is the norm it seems.  Everything from here, to North, to South is big and muddy, all up and down the coast.  When we could fish, we did well.  Plenty of fish around to play with.  Even had a brief encounter with a big one.

Since we are all doing yard work and chores, it is a good time to call us and get your trips booked.  Looks like a window coming the middle of next week.  We figure the bulk of the season will start around mid February, looking at the weather trends.  The benefit of the wet, is that we should have good flows, and not as much of the total vodka clear, like the last couple of years.  So, if you would like to go fishing, we would love to take you.  A bunch of our normal guys are ill, having procedures, or traveling.  A couple of others have passed on.

On another note, Sara and I will be at the Portland Sportsmans Show on Friday and Saturday in February.  We will be working in the St Croix booth, and also wandering seeing some old friends and some of our affiliates.  If we cross paths, we can BS some, and talk about the up and coming seasons.  Also, the possibility of coming to Alaska with us.

For now, get out your calendar, and give us a shout.  We will be working on our yard, garden and gear in between squalls…moody2016#1

Happy Thanksgiving!

Want to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving.  Tradition for us, is we go fishing.  Our family is small, and others we don`t communicate with.  Over the years, the holiday plans for us have been heavily modified.  For the most part, we just hang out, eat some, and do as we please.  Occasional visits from some friends.  Nice and calm, with little drama.  A nice day on the river, decorations done by the boss of the place, the cat running wild, and being helpful, a cocktail of two, and warm fires, both inside and out.

Have a safe and enjoyable holiday.  We will be floating the river, and hanging out in the evening.  And, the last day of Fall Chinook season for us.  Thank you to all who came and fished with us through the season.  Hope to see you for Steelhead, and next fall too.mustadfall#7

Thank you!

We want to Thank each and every person who came to fish with us recently.  It has been a tough road for us, as of lately.  A ton of changes, not just with us, but for many others as well.  Since the economy issues, we are still in the middle of recovery.  Without dedicated customers and friends, we could`nt have survived the blows.  You kept us afloat, and food on our table.  Now, many of you are returning, along with some new faces.  We hope you all had a good visit, and continue to come, and also help us build further by spreading the word some.  I personally, started this crazy career choice 26 years ago October.  Now that we have been full time, Sara and I, we are looking forward to thriving further.  Together, we can make that happen.  This fall was interesting.  Had some good days, and some bad, and everything in between.  Old faces and new, and some memories were made for sure.  Won`t name names, but we want to express our gratitude for spending time with us, you know who you all are.

Hope to see you soon in our boat for this coming Winter and Spring.  Stay Fishy!mustadfall#1

U.S. Marshall

This week was full of events.  Did the annual bait runs, more on that later.  Ran some trips, and caught some fish.  Even had an un expected visit from some long time friends.  Retired State Game Police, and former U S Marshall, Joe, and his lovely wife Evie.  Been a while since we have seen them, for health reasons.  We had a really good visit, got treated to dinner, and caught some fish.  Caught some, lost some, missed some, and ended it all with a total show double.  In the prop and all…

Now, we have our first fire in the stove, chores continue, along with bait.  We are headed into the crazy holiday weekend.  We are going to be hermits.  Work on gear, clean boats and all, mow the weeds, plant the remaining plants, and can some pickles.  Might even get paid!  Be kind, patient, and safe if you are out and about.  Off to the races Monday afternoon…9-2-15 fb